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Michelle Drevlow Photography

Things You Want To Know

Underwater Photography | Family Photography | Couples Photography | Maternity Photography | Elopement Photography

How Does Payment Work

I ask for a $100 deposit at the time of booking to hold your spot. Sometime during my editing of your photos I will send out an invoice for the remainder of the session price.


What if we need to cancel or reschedule our photography session?

You can do either of these if it's 48 hours before the session time. If it falls within that timeframe then the deposit is no longer refundable. Not because I am trying to get all of your money, but I do depend on each session for my livelihood and I may have missed the chance to book someone else.

Can we have the .raw files?

Oh definitely not! My editing style is half of the magic that makes my work mine. I am unwilling to give out an unfinished product, which is what a .raw file is.

When will our photos be ready?

My goal is always to have them finished within about a week!

How do we get our amazingly beautiful photos?
I will send everything over to you in a private, password protected gallery.

What should we wear?

Ideally clothes. If you show up with nothing on then so be it!
As a general rule I like color schemes vs all the same color or same print. So for example pick 2-3 colors and then you can choose different hues within that framework. Ultimately though, wear something that is comfortable and that you feel good in. 

Can you make me look thinner or get rid of my crows feet?

Technically I could make you into a shark that has an elephant trunk and Beyonce's legs, HOWEVER, I am unwilling to change your appearance for you. You are beautiful exactly as you are and if you don't believe that for yourself nothing that I do will help (women, this one is for you). I will help out if a kid has a rogue zit or someone has a scrape somewhere :)

What if we want more photos?

We can make that happen! Just send me a message about it and I'll

let you know what we can do.

Do you travel outside of West Maui?
Yes I sure do but it does come with a fee. It is $50 to go to anywhere else on the island except Hana side, which is $150. If you're interested in any other locations send me a message and we'll work something out! I don't need much incentive to travel.

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