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Sunrise Maternity Shoot in Maui, Hawaii

Sunset Family Photoshoot in Maui, Hawaii

Sunset Family Photoshoot in Maui, Hawaii

Sunrise Maternity Shoot in Maui, Hawaii


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To be alive is the most amazing experience. We are so fortunate to be able to love, laugh, share, connect, and feel. Oh to feel! To feel joy, happiness, awe, gratitude, contentment, inspiration, and love. This is really what life is about. This is what I want for every single person.

When I photograph people I want them to have an experience. To enjoy to the fullest the time spent with one another. To me this means having fun. I don't want you worrying about a perfect picture. I want you to feel the wind on your face, the sand in your toes, the warmth of someone's arms around you, and best of all to feel the ocean on your skin.

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Meet Michelle

Underwater | Family | Couples | Maternity | Elopement

Hey! Welcome to my site :)

I am a woman of the seas. I am in love with life, the planet, the oceans, and people. Laughter, sunshine, and water are the only things I need daily. I've been behind the camera for over half of my life and love it still.

Minnesota raised and Maui based.

Have a look around! There is a lot to see here. Any questions just send over an email. Or if you have a really good joke I like those too.

Find me @michelledrevlow